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Adding Video to Interactive Systems

Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) systems add a new dimension to the IVR paradigm by giving IVR systems the ability to use dynamic or static video information for caller assistance. IVVR systems offer the following benefits:

  • Address more complex tasks than those addressed by audio-only systems, and deliver instructions for these tasks when and where they are needed
  • Simplify user interfaces on mobile phones
  • Provide video-on-hold that can help solve customer issues or promote company services

To help you understand the possibilities for using video in the contact center, Dialogic offers a white paper called The Video-Enabled Contact Center, which is available for download.

Dialogic® Products for Video-Enabled Contact Centers

Dialogic delivers highly scalable multimedia processing products that can save development time and reduce costs and time-to-market for enterprises that are developing video-enabled contact centers. Below is a partial list of Dialogic® products that can be used to create 3G video-enhanced contact center solutions: 

  • Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software — Media processing software that provides services for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective IP and 3G-324M multimedia platforms.
  • Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Programmable Media Platform — A multimedia gateway with integrated media processing functions, accessible via VoiceXML for media control and CCXML for call control.
  • Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Video Gateway  A stand-alone 3G-324M video gateway that can connect to video-enabled third-party contact center solutions using SIP signaling and RTP media connections.
  • Dialogic® CG Media Boards — Media processing boards for video applications that enable the development of IP and mobile video solutions in conjunction with the Dialogic® NaturalAccess™ Development Environment and Dialogic® NaturalAccess™ Video Access Toolkit.
  • DiaStar® Server — For Asterisk developers who want to add IVVR to their Asterisk system, Dialogic sponsors Project DiaStar® and the open source DiaStar Server that provides connectors between the Asterisk Dialplan and a number of Dialogic video technologies.

More Information

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