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Mobile Video

Delivering Contact Center Video to the Mobile Handset

As businesses continue to look for new ways to improve customer care and open the contact center to new ways of communicating, video is becoming increasingly important. The Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Video Gateway can help contact centers provide a satisfying video experience for customers who wish to use 3G wireless connectivity with the 3G-324M standard to communicate with a contact center through their mobile handsets, regardless of their location.  

What Is the Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Video Gateway?

The Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Video Gateway is a carrier-ready video gateway that can connect interactive SIP-based video and multimedia services to mobile, IP, and PSTN networks. The Vision 1000 Video Gateway can also support real-time video and voice transcoding, allowing enhanced video quality and interoperability for converged services, such as multimedia contact centers.

One Gateway for Both Voice-Only and Video Calls

The Vision 1000 Video Gateway can simultaneously support voice-only calls and 3G-324M video calls, and can supply only the audio portion of a video call to a non-video enabled endpoint. This enables application developers, OEMs, and system integrators to quickly develop and deploy rich multimedia solutions without complex routing, and allows the Vision 1000 Gateway to work with both 2G and 3G mobile networks and endpoints.

Simultaneously supporting voice-only and video calls is also important for mobile providers, for whom a top priority is to satisfy their video subscribers by making sure that all attempted calls are completed, even if the destination handset type is voice-only. The Vision 1000 Video Gateway provides an advantage in these cases by handling both types of calls on a single gateway without requiring any conversion. The audio call remains in the TDM domain, eliminating potential latency and providing a high quality voice connection. This functionality is provided in a single 2U unit, a very small footprint for such rich functionality.

Enabling the Solution

The “Mobile Access Diagram” in this page illustrates how the Vision 1000 Video Gateway supplies the functionality that allows multimedia contact center applications to deliver a highly satisfying mobile video experience.

The multimedia contact center application controls the video communication, performing functions such as receiving calls and managing them. The Vision 1000 Video Gateway enables customers to access the video capabilities of the multimedia contact center application from their 3G wireless phones if they choose. 

Mobile Access Diagram
Mobile Access Diagram

The Dialogic® Vision™ 1000 Video Gateway is a carrier-ready video gateway that can connect interactive SIP-based video and multimedia services to mobile, IP, and PSTN networks.

Highlights of the Vision 1000 Video Gateway include:

  • Provides carrier-level, cost-effective performance, scaling up to 240 ports of signaling and video transcoding in a single 2U chassis
  • Connects to mobile phones supporting 3G-324M and a broad range of networks, including SS7, ISDN, 3GPP Release 99 and 4
  • Enhances quality of experience (QoE) for 3G wireless users because of its any-to-any video transcoding and patent-pending bit rate control
  • Increases video mobile user satisfaction by allowing video call completion to voice (VCCV) when the called party does not have a video-enabled phone

For more details, go to the product page.

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