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Dialogic® Diva® 4BRI-8 and Diva® UM-4BRI-8

Diva 4BRI-8M Board

These are high end quad BRI boards. The boards are well suited for IVR systems, fax servers and unified messaging servers for SME customers. The UM-version offer fax on only half of the channels.

The Dialogic® Diva® 4BRI-8 ("Diva 4BRI-8") is a high-performance, active ISDN server adapter that provides both digital and analog connectivity for an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI). The Diva 4BRI-8's on-board Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) enable one server to support any mix of eight concurrent communications with ISDN devices, V.90 analog modems, V.34 fax machines and GSM compatible mobile phones. A mix of any eight call types can be supported simultaneously making it an ideal open communications platform to handle your fax server, unified messaging, computer telephony (CTI) and remote access server needs. Additional Diva 4BRI-8 cards can be added any time your need for capacity grows, and can be mixed and matched with other members of the Dialogic® Diva® Product Line.

The Diva 4BRI-8 is available in standard PCI and PCI Express®. The board can thus be flexibly deployed in any standard PCI and PCIe environment. The product is a half size form factor board.

NOTE: The Dialogic® Diva® UM-4BRI-8 is available at a lower price offering just four V.34 fax channels. It is well suited for applications that do not require full fax features.

Product Highlights
Active ISDN adapter, supporting eight calls simultaneously on four BRI lines
Scaleable solution for growing applications
High-speed processor and 8 on-board DSPs ensure high performance, offloading server processing
Available in standard PCI and PCI Expres® format
Support for standardized software interfaces, such as CAPI, COM port and TTY
Full compatibility with Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server
Powerful support for fax, unified messaging and CTI applications with third party software
Tightly integrated with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2
Dialogic tests and supports a wide variety of Linux distributions and kernels. This includes SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora versions as well as other known distributions (OpenSuse, Slackware, Mandrake, Gentoo, Ubuntu). 32bit and 64bit systems are supported.
Ease of installation guaranteed by Plug and Play conformance
Easy upgrade with free software downloads from Dialogic
SecurID® Ready Partner
5 year warranty, subject to product registration


Data Sheet

  • The Dialogic® Diva® BRI-2 and Dialogic® Diva® UM-BRI-2 Media Boards support one ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI). These media boards are an excellent choice for small- to medium-sized businesses since one board can support two concurrent communications with a mix of ISDN devices, V.90 analog modems, GSM mobile phones, and fax machines. Versions for PCI or PCIe are available.

Application Notes

Technology Brief

  • Dialogic® Diva® SIPcontrol™ software converts Dialogic® Diva® boards into SIP-enabled PSTN/IP gateways. When SIPcontrol software is used with Dialogic® Host Media Processing (HMP) Software for Windows and Dialogic® Diva® BRI and/or Analog boards, HMP-based applications can connect seamlessly through ISDN BRI and/or analog interfaces in a hybrid TDM/IP environment, using SIP. See Figure 1 for an illustration of how the elements work together.
  • The Dialogic® Diva® Software Development Kit (Diva SDK) offers a powerful set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used for implementing telephony applications, that is, applications that accept and process phone calls.
  • To connect to the PSTN, Asterisk systems require a network interface board or a media gateway. Because most Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards have powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) onboard and can move processor-intensive, low-level tasks to these DSPs, significant reductions in server CPU load are possible. Such reductions can positively impact overall performance and scalability in systems such as those using Asterisk software.

White Paper

  • Advanced speech-enabled applications and systems are changing the way in which we interact with all types of businesses. Moving beyond a few showcase situations, speech technologies are being used in many new and exciting applications, such as voice portals, call center self-service, directory assistance, and voice-activated dialing. With speech applications customers can obtain information or direct transactions using the most intutitive interface - speech. When used in conjunction with IVR and self service applications speech recognition technology greatly reduces the cost of staffing a call center operation, while reducing call durations and call handling time and increasing call completion rates.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is probably one of the most widely used technologies today. IVR is one of the most useful and cost-effective technologies around, with applications encompassing movie schedules, bank tranfers, reserving plane tickets, and refilling prescriptions.
  • This paper supplies high-level and detail comparisons and a set of scenarios to help you decide whether an appliance gateway, gateway subsystem, or HMP interface boards are the appropriate option for an environment and for a particular set of development resources and deployment needs.
  • This white paper discusses the V.34 fax standard, and how those choosing to adopt 33.6 kbps fax devices and use V.34 fax technology can position themselves for benefits such as increased cost savings.
  • This white paper discusses what ISVs and system integrators should consider in a media board for IVR systems, and why they must carefully select the right board for their needs.
  • This paper supplies high-level and detail comparisons and a set of scenarios to help you decide whether an appliance gateway, gateway subsystem, or HMP interface boards are the appropriate option for an environment and for a particular set of development resources and deployment needs.

Use the Purchase page linked below to find partners to purchase Dialogic products. The order codes below are for your reference when making a purchase.

Where to Buy

ProductOrder CodeDescription
Diva 4BRI-8 PCIe306-341PCIe half size form factor
Diva 4BRI-8 PCI305-486PCI half size form factor
Diva 4BRI-8 PCI Japan306-141EOL use 305-486
Diva 4BRI-8 PCI Australia306-193EOL use 305-486
Diva UM-4BRI-8 PCIe306-380PCIe half size form factor
Diva UM-4BRI-8 PCI306-379PCI half size form factor