Dialogic® DM/V960-4T1, and DM/V1200-4E1 Voice Boards

DMV DM3 Boards

Field proven, high performance, media processing for T1/E1 networks; available in PCI and CompactPCI form factors

The Dialogic® DM/V960-4T1, and DM/V1200-4E1 Voice Boards, available in a H.100 (PCI) compliant universal form factor, provide voice processing and other standard features like tone signaling, global tone detection, global tone generation, and call progress analysis. Each board provides access to four T1 or E1 digital network interfaces, and up to 120 ports of voice and telephony signal processing.
Product Highlights
System size
Service Provider/Large Enterprise
Form factor
Resource bus
CT Bus
DM/V960-4T1 – 96
DM/V1200-4E1 – 120
Operating systems
Windows* 2003
Windows NT*
Windows 2000
Network interface
DM/V960-4T1 – 4 T-1 ISDN PRI trunks
DM/V1200-4E1 – 4 E-1 ISDN PRI trunks
Key features
Four T-1 or E-1 digital network interfaces with internationally approved CAS and ISDN PRI
Available with either full- or half-density voice resources
Built on the industry-standard telephony bus – ECTF H.100 CT Bus
Color ringback
Contact center and e-Business
Switching and call completion
Prepaid/debit card
Gateway switch
Order by Item Market Name
DMV9604T1PCI – 96 resources, 4 PSTN interfaces, T-1
DMV12004E1PCI – 120 resources, 4 PSTN interfaces (120 Ohm), E-1

Data Sheet

  • The Dialogic ® DM3 Media Boards are an integral part of many high-density media server solutions. They provide voice processing and many other standard features including tone signaling, global tone detection, global tone generation, and call progress analysis. These boards are well-suited for many configurations and applications where enhanced media such as speech recognition, fax, and conferencing are not required. These boards can also be combined with other Dialogic® boards (switching, fax, or combined media) to provide enhanced media resources in a single system, thereby providing significant cost savings.

Application Notes

Case Study

White Paper

  • Enterprises strive for service excellence to win new accounts and to serve existing customers, establishing long-term purchasing loyalty. The contact center, as the focal point of communications, is a strategic asset in achieving this goal. Customers have ever-rising expectations of service quality, and enterprises need to invest heavily in systems and staff to meet their demands. An alternative for these enterprises is outsourcing, in which some or all of the contact center operation is managed by one or more third-party organizations.

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