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Dialogic® Diva® System Release for Linux

Diva for Envox

This is the easiest Communications Software we know of. It installs in minutes, it comes with many APIs, it supports TDM as well as IP, it is easy to support and it is freely downloadable.

The Dialogic® Diva® System Release 9.6LIN enables you to use Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards and/or Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP (a "virtual" VoIP/FoIP media board) with the Linux operating system. Even the most recent distributions as well as the latest kernels are supported. NOTE: Up to kernel 2.6.39 the install works completely automatically.

The Diva System Release 9.6LIN allows up to 8 Diva Media Boards (and more) to be installed on a computer running the Linux operating system distributions SuSE, Red Hat, Debian or other generic Linux distributions as 32 or 64 bit variants.  

The Diva System Release 9.6LIN fully supports all Linux communications and remote access service features, providing support for remote dial-up access for ISDN, V.90 analog, or GSM mobile phones. With support for the CAPI and the TTY interface (modem emulation), the System Release 9.5LIN SU2 uses Diva Media Boards (E1/T1/J1/PRI/BRI, Analog and IP) to create a flexible platform for Fax, Unified Messaging (Email, Voice Mail, SMS), IVR, Conferencing, POS, Monitoring, RAS, and many more applications.

The built-in Chan_capi driver allows to use all Diva Media Boards including Diva softIP for SIP with Asterisk®. This enables the Dialplan application to benefit from the large number of features provided by the Diva Media Board family. The documentation on Chan_capi and on Diva can be seen in the live demo below or after downloading and installing the Diva SR 9.6LIN.

System Release 9.6LIN enables a set of easy configuration and management tools for Diva media boards and Diva softIP for SIP. Remote configuration and management is available via the Dialogic® Diva® Web Configuration Wizard. This password-protected, web-based tool allows for remote parameter setting, tracing, troubleshooting, viewing statistics, etc. For more details and a live demonstration, click below.

View the Demo! (Automatic login for your convenience)


Ready to use worldwide with support for all multinational ISDN protocols
Support for two standardized software interfaces: TTY and CAPI
Support of Dialplan (Asterisk) applications via built-in Chan_capi driver
M-Adapter - Combine serveral individual Dialogic Diva media boards into a single virtual board
Support for a wide variety of supplementary services
Support for TDM (Analog, BRI, E1/T1/J1/PRI) and IP (VoIP, FoIP) environments (pure TDM, pure IP and hybrid are supported)
Easy board configuration with the Dialogic Diva Configuration Wizard (see our online demo on this page)
Remote configuration and management via Dialogic Diva Web Configuration Wizard
Extensive Q-SIG protocol support for seamless PBX integration
Support of the SS7 protocol via Dialogic DSI SS7 software and Linceses. NOTE: Diva softSS7 1.5.4LIN is still supported on Diva SR 9.6LIN.
Source-level package - Source code for all Dialogic Diva drivers and utilities for Linux
Full Linux support - latest SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora versions as well as all other known distributions (OpenSuse, Slackware, Mandrake, Gentoo, Ubuntu) - 32 or 64 bit variants
System Release 9.6LIN supports Asterisk® via the Chan_capi driver. The Chan_capi driver is fully included in the Diva SR 9.6LIN software. The Diva SR software can be downloaded from our Linux download page (click in the Product Links box on the right). On some web pages users exchange information about the Diva Chan_capi driver, e.g. you can look at DIVA_ISDN_IP_CHAN_CAPI
System Release 9.6LIN supports XEN, which is an extremely powerful architecture for the virtualization of mission critical applications.

In addition to the System Release 9.6LIN, which you can download freely from our Linux download page (click in the Product Links box on the right), open source code (isdn4linux) is also available for Diva media boards.
Note: isdn4linux offers only basic functionality and is supported by the Linux community and not by Dialogic. The open Dialogic Diva code is publicly available via the Open Source community. To download these drivers, or for more information on isdn4linux, go to
To see the configuration screen of a soft-PBX solution by one of our Dialogic Partners implemented with Diva Media Boards and Asterisk please click on the following link: PBX-DemoSystem. On the Web GUI, please click on "VoIP PBX configuration" to see the PBX settings and click on "CHAN_CAPI configuration" to see the parameters that can be set to configure the channel driver.


Application Notes

Technology Brief

  • The Dialogic® Diva® Software Development Kit (Diva SDK) offers a powerful set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used for implementing telephony applications, that is, applications that accept and process phone calls.

White Paper

  • Advanced speech-enabled applications and systems are changing the way in which we interact with all types of businesses. Moving beyond a few showcase situations, speech technologies are being used in many new and exciting applications, such as voice portals, call center self-service, directory assistance, and voice-activated dialing. With speech applications customers can obtain information or direct transactions using the most intutitive interface - speech. When used in conjunction with IVR and self service applications speech recognition technology greatly reduces the cost of staffing a call center operation, while reducing call durations and call handling time and increasing call completion rates.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is probably one of the most widely used technologies today. IVR is one of the most useful and cost-effective technologies around, with applications encompassing movie schedules, bank tranfers, reserving plane tickets, and refilling prescriptions.