Dialogic® IP Network Interface Series 3 Card

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The Dialogic® IP Network Interface Series 3 Card is an IP plug-in line card for the Dialogic® Converged Services Platforms (CSP). It enables the CSP Platforms to support IP, performing two-way gateway conversion between circuit-switched and packet-switched media. Developers can use the Dialogic® IPN Series 3 Card to build revenue-generating voice, fax, and modem-over-IP services in which a CSP Platform acts as a gateway or media server in a converged services network.

The Dialogic® IPN Series 3 Card transcodes data from PCM to packet technology, compresses it, and provides silence suppression, echo cancellation, and jitter buffering to improve quality. The Dialogic® IP Network Interface Series 3 Card, along with SIP and H.323 signaling, provides a true gateway environment, enabling developers to deliver an application server, signaling engine, gateway, and media server, all in a single system. This unified architecture can translate into significant cost savings, reduced development time, and simplified operation for developers and service providers.


Supports up to 1024 IP media ports without compression (G.711 only), and up to 512 ports with compression (G.723.1, G.726, G.729, and T.38 fax) providing DTMF with RFC 2833 support

Provides a high-density IP environment, and supports popular IP coders to facilitate transcoding when interfacing between different IP networks.

Supports traffic load sharing among IP Series 3 Cards

Increases the availability and reliability of a service

Supports two 100 MB/s Ethernet ports, configured as a Link Aggregate Group

Provides high availability and redundancy in case of an Ethernet port failure

Dynamic coder change

Allows flexibility in coder use, and dynamically changing coders during a call can optimize voice quality

Provides up to 4096 gateway ports

Increases the service capacity of a gateway application

New coders can be added via software load

Enables the introduction of coders without system re-design, allowing new coders to be added on existing technology as required to meet market needs


  • Refer to the documents listed below for specific details on Dialogic® Converged Services Platform (CSP) Release 8.4.1.

    Note: To ensure that you access the latest information, refer to the CSP WebHelp. The documents listed under the Manuals section are no longer updated/maintained.

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