Eiconcard™ Cables

Eiconcard Cables

Dialogic manufactures quality cables for use with the Eiconcard product range. Our Cables are designed and manufactured to the same standards as our Eiconcard range which will provide reliable connection fits to all our products.

The most important things to know when choosing a Cable are:

  • Which card did I buy? 
  • What interface am I going to have on the Modem or Switch (V.24, X.21, V.35, V.36 or EIA 530)

We have attempted to simplify and help you below if you do not know.

Product Highlights

Cables for Eiconcard C20, C21, C90, C91
V.24 DCE cable 300-007 V.24 Modem Cable for C2x, C9x, C91 V2
V.24 DCE cable (C91 PCIe)
300-402 V.24 Modem Cable for C91 PCIe (Micro-D 25 to DB 25)
V.24 Null-Modem cable 300-022 V.24 Crossed Cable. Allows 2 C Series cards to be used back to back (except C91 PCIe)
V.24 Null-Modem cable (C91 PCIe)
300-401 V.24 Crossed Cable for C91 PCIe (Micro-D 25 to DB 25)

Cables for Eiconcard C31
PC Card ISDN S/T cable 300-091 ISDN Cable for C31

Cables for Eiconcards with HSI ports
HSI V.24 DCE cable 300-026 V.24 Modem Cable for S50, S51 & S52
HSI V.35 DCE cable (France) 300-086 V.35 Modem Cable FR (pin 1.1 mm) for S50, S51 & S52
HSI X.21 DCE cable 300-025 X.21 Modem Cable for speeds above 19.2 Kb/s
HSI V.24/V.35 Null-Modem cable 300-031 Crossed Cable V.24 V.35
HSI X.21 Null-Modem cable 300-032 Crossed Cable X.21
HSI V.35 Null-Modem cable for AS/400 300-047 Cable for direct connection to AS/400
HSI Null-Modem conversion cable 300-033 Crossed Cable for back to back connections with S50, S51 & S52
ISDN S/T cable 300-090 ISDN Cable

Cables for Eiconcards with VHSI ports
VHSI V.24 DCE cable 300-077 V.24 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI V.24 DTE cable (Null Modem) 300-078 V.24 Terminal Cable (Null Modem) for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI V.35 DCE cable 300-076 V.35 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI V.36/RS-449 DCE cable 300-079 V.36 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI X.21 DCE cable 300-081 X.21 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI EIA-530 DCE cable 300-080 EIA 530 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI to VHSI Null-Modem cable
300-075 Crossed Cable for back to back connections with  S90, S91 & S94

Eiconcards Accessories
HSI/V.24 converter 300-046 HSI/V.24 converter for S50, S51 & S52



  • Refer to the documents listed below for specific details on Dialogic® Eiconcard.

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