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Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services Based on Dialogic® DSI SS7G41 Signaling Servers

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services Platform

Web Services Interface for SMS, USSD and Location Based Services

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) is a scalable, high-performance signaling platform combining connectivity to SS7- and SIGTRAN-based mobile networks with a Web Services API to simplify mobile VAS application development. DSI SWS can enable applications built using standard web services development techniques for SMS Messaging, Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD), and Location Based Services (LBS).

Extends the Reach of Business Applications

DSI SWS can enable a broad range of Value-Added Services (VAS) in carrier environments, including handset provisioning, subscriber alerts, emergency response, mobile advertising, and mobile payments. SWS can be used to send text messages notifications to mobile users, interact with customers using USSD, or determine the location of cooperating subscribers.  

Offers High Availability and Flexible OA&M

The DSI SWS offers carrier-ready fault resiliency, occupies a small (1U) footprint, and offers dual hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies. It supports standard operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) interfaces via a web browser, a command line interface, and SNMP, allowing easy integration into automated, centralized management systems



Service-oriented, RESTful Web Services API for SMS, USSD, and LBS utilizing HTTP with an XML payload

Allows the rapid creation of applications that can interact with mobile handsets using a wide variety of programming languages, including Java, Python, PHP and the .NET framework

Supports all layers of the SS7 protocol stack up to and including the MAP layer over TDM and SIGTRAN networks

Facilitates global deployment and the ability to configure protocol variants at runtime

Scales from 8 Low Speed Links (LSL) up to 248 LSL or 8 High Speed Links (HSL); HSL can be Q.703 Annex A or ATM

Allows cost-effective use of a common platform across a wide range of deployments; allows scaling of platform capacity over time

SIGTRAN capacity (M3UA/M2PA) scales from 8 to 256 TDM link equivalents using flexible throughput-based licensing

Lets provisioned capacity match deployment needs at installation

Compact 1U form factor with dual AC or DC power supply capability

Permits excellent link density in a small footprint for required deployment options and carrier-ready resilience

Supports both browser and command line interface for OA&M in addition to SNMP and “lights-out” management

Facilitates comprehensive, user-friendly remote management using standard tools

Built-in traffic measurement, event logging, and protocol tracing (including PCAP format), backed by fully documented internal interfaces between protocol layers

Provides good visibility of utilization and traffic levels and facilitates fast resolution of network protocol issues

Product Highlights
Form factor

1U Rack Mount

Physical Dimensions
Height 1.74 in. (4.4 cm)
Width 16.93 in. (43.0 cm)
Depth 20.4 in. (51.9 cm)
Weight – fully equipped 26.8 lbs (12.16 kg)
Links Maximum 248 SS7 links per unit
Maximum 64 SS7 link sets per unit
Maximum 256 M2PA links per unit
T1/E1 Ports Per Board (Up to Two Boards Per Unit)  4 T1 or 4 E1
Ethernet Interfaces  4 as standard; can be increased to 6 with SS7G41NIC

Data Sheet

  • Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) is a scalable, high-performance telecommunications signaling platform that combines connectivity to SS7- and SIGTRAN-based mobile networks with a focused Web Services API to simplify mobile VAS application development. DSI SWS can enable applications built using standard web services development techniques to efficiently harness the key mobile technologies of SMS, Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD), and Location Based Services (LBS).

Case Study

  • Opens the Door to More Opportunities with Dialogic Signaling Solutions

    Find out how Dialogic helped, a pioneer in registered SMS, with the DSI SS7G41 Signaling Server to energize their current method of connectivity with carriers via SMPP and take advantage of the improved quality and lower costs associated with SS7 connectivity for SMS.

  • Etisalat Sri Lanka understands both the challenges and the importance of providing unique and sustainable roaming services to attract customers, whether inbound or outbound. Because quality and user satisfaction are top criteria, Etisalat Sri Lanka chose three of Globitel's Roaming Solutions (Feel@Home, RoamSalute, and Intelligent Traffic Steering) because they aim to provide high levels of reliability and interactivity. These services also encourage roamer loyalty with superior quality and a user-specific interface that easily promotes SMS and data usage while allowing insight into roamer behaviors and service usability tracking.

Use the Purchase page linked below to find partners to purchase Dialogic products. The order codes below are for your reference when making a purchase.

Where to Buy

ProductOrder CodeDescription
Signaling Servers
310-949 SS7G41A00QSS7G41 Signaling Server, AC, 0 boards
310-948 SS7G41AL1QSS7G41 Signaling Server, AC, 1 SS7LD board
310-952 SS7G41AL2QSS7G41 Signaling Server, AC, 2 SS7LD boards
310-950 SS7G41AM1QSS7G41 Signaling Server, AC, 1 SS7MD board
310-951 SS7G41AM2QSS7G41 Signaling Server, AC, 2 SS7MD boards
310-953 SS7G41D00QSS7G41 Signaling Server, DC, 0 boards
310-956 SS7G41DL1QSS7G41 Signaling Server, DC, 1 SS7LD board
310-957 SS7G41DL2QSS7G41 Signaling Server, DC, 2 SS7LD boards
310-954 SS7G41DM1QSS7G41 Signaling Server, DC, 1 SS7MD board
310-955 SS7G41DM2QSS7G41 Signaling Server, DC, 2 SS7MD boards
300-410SS7G41SDCPSUSS7G41SDCPSU, 650W DC PSU with 4m cable
300-414SS7G41NICSS7G41NIC, Dual Gigabit Ethernet NIC
300-413SS7G41RSLKITSS7G41RSLKIT, Rack mount Kit 22"-30.5"
Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) licenses are available for the following throughput capacities:
G06-094SS7SBG40SWSM8 SWS License - 8 link (equivalents)
G02-094SS7SBG40SWSM16 SWS License - 16 link (equivalents)
G07-094SS7SBG40SWSM32 SWS License - 32 link (equivalents)
G03-094SS7SBG40SWSM64 SWS License - 64 link (equivalents)
G04-094SS7SBG40SWSM128 SWS License - 128 link (equivalents)
G05-094SS7SBG40SWSM256 SWS License - 256 link (equivalents)
Link equivalents enable the following capacities:
1 Link equivalent unit equals 1 Low-Speed Link (LSL)
1 Link equivalent unit equals SIGTRAN throughput equivalent to 1 TDM link at 0.6 Erlang (76.8 kbps)