Glorsoft is a specialist software company focused on the development of telephony programming tools for the Microsoft .NET developer community. The team behind Glorsoft has over 15 years of combined experience in computer telephony application development. Our goal is to make telephony programming accessible to all .NET developers.

Glorsoft is aligned exclusively to the Dialogic family of telephony hardware and media processing technologies. This powerful combination positions our technology as a cost-effective, yet flexible enabler for innovative telecommunications solution design.

Glorsoft sells its technology through a community of Value-added Partners, Distributors and Independent Software Vendors. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is currently building partner channels on a global basis.

Velocity™ v3 is a rapid application development toolkit that enables Microsoft .NET developers to create feature-rich telephony applications incorporating the latest in IP based Speech technologies. It is designed to enable the developer to build telephony applications in conventional, standards-based languages rather than proprietary scripting languages or inflexible GUI based environments.  The latest release of Velocity supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the Net 4.0 Framework and continues to evolve in line with the industry.

As a standards-based technology, Velocity is a familiar environment for any .NET developer which allows developers to build applications without worrying about the underlying telephony hardware and media processing layers or to grapple with the difficulties of multithreading.

With the ability to scale from 2 voice channels on a single server to thousands across multiple servers, Velocity is being used by a worldwide developer community to build and deploy everything from simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications to High-Density Call Management Platforms handling millions of calls each year.  Velocity is developed directly in .NET and speaks directly to the low level native API’s for the telephony devices, resulting in less overhead for the toolkit and leaving more resources for your seamless application.

Velocity takes the worries of multithreading and asynchronous programming away from the programmer. The programmer can program without having to worry about critical codes because the front-end API is synchronous, so the developer is shielded from the complicated asynchronous nature of telecoms programming.



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