JSC is the division of Ingenium Group Telecom specialized in the development and implementation of elements for Mobile Networks. JSC Ingenium provides all the "core" elements required for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, and also, along its partners, all elements of management and "billing", thus providing complete solutions. Many of these elements have been developed by JSC Ingenium on a common communications platform.

JSC Ingenium has developed a new line of products for network operators, known commercially as NGN Enablers, that allows them to steadily migrate their traditional networks to the model of New Generation Network (RNG), incorporating and developing new services, more attractive and sophisticated, but without having to abandon their traditional infrastructures.

  • Allow migration of parts of the network operator new generation model, with low investment costs for each phase.
  • Allow the development of new services based on the NGN model, but efficiently leveraging existing infrastructures.
  • Eliminate the dependence of the new services from the limitations of existing infrastructure.
  • Offering a total adaptability to the needs of global telecom and mobile operators.

How It Works

NGN enablers act as SS7 interfacing units and provide signaling stacks ranging from MTP to SCCP.

Case Study