mCarbon is a leading telecom VAS company in India specializing in core network VAS solutions. mCarbon has built a unique user-centric, multimodal, technology-agnostic system for versatile service delivery, which includes a highly responsive and simple customer experience. This innovative system allows mCarbon to supply advanced VAS solutions with rich media and flexible access that delivers superior business value, encourages subscriber adoption, and strengthens customer retention. Continually working with leading content and technology providers has allowed mCarbon to create the finest offerings in call and message management, music, and overall service management for VAS. Its key product offerings have been deployed by leading telecom operators in India.

mCARBON Call Complete solution offers the calling party the option to leave a Voice message, through Voice SMS, if the call cannot be completed. The caller will know the reason why the call is not completed, such as if the receiving person’s phone is switched off, so the caller knows there is little value in calling again, thus incenting the caller to use the Call Complete service. Unlike typical Voice SMS systems, the message can be sent in the same session, without pressing * and dialing the B Party number, therefore overcoming the most painful process of dialing the * and remembering the B Party number.

  • End user pays only when a message is left
  • The receiving party does not need to subscribe for this service like VOICE MAIL
  • Pays the normal call charges for the duration of the message
  • The receiving party can forward message to on-net, off=net and international recipients, and to groups
How It Works

Message Deposition

  • The caller calls the receiving party and the call lands on an MSC
  • The MSC tries to call the receiving party, which is unavailable , switched off etc.
  • The MSC then routes the call to the Call Completion system
  • The Call Completion system then plays a prompt to the caller to record and leave a message for the receiving party, and sends a notification SMS to the receiving party about this.

Message retrieval

  • The receiving party calls up the Call Completion Retrieval IVR short code ( or long code in off net calls)
  • The call is redirected to the Call Completion IVR system
  • The system plays the message to the user and then plays the menu with options to save, reply, forward the message etc.
  • User would select the required option and continue or hang up the call.
Case Study