Molo creates turn-key solutions for clients with specific telecommunications requirements. With more than a decade’s experience on Dialogic hardware, Molo is able to implement custom integrations to any element of telco networks, including voice, messaging and intelligent networking. Molo specializes in systems integration work, creating purpose-made solutions taking into account operator unique requirements and back-end system requirements.

Molo has created a universal Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform for one of the major African mobile operators using Dialogic media hardware and allowed integration to their SS7 network with Dialogic Signaling Interface Units. Separating application from telephony servers allows flexible deployment independent of application type, allowing applications varying from call centre automation to value-added services.

Using an efficient binary protocol for application control of telephony servers, network bandwidth requirements are kept to a minimum, ensuring real-time response even under high call loads, also when telephony and application servers are not co-located. Any number of application servers may be configured to serve applications to any number of telephony servers in fail-over configuration, allowing maximum flexibility in configuring an optimal architecture with the operator’s specific load-sharing and availability requirements.

The platform was custom-developed in accordance to specific customer needs, including high availability, modularity, scalability and stability. Leveraging twenty first-century software best practices yielded a modern product running on a stable operating system that is future-proof through being built on Dialogic’s technology-independent programming interfaces.

Sophisticated asynchronous software engineering techniques ensure fast response to all calls at mimimal host processor load, including under error conditions, allowing operators to serve callers under all conditions with minimal hardware investment.

The platform allows carrier-grade high availability using Dialogic’s SS7 technology  in dual-resistant mode. As it runs on Linux, using native Dialogic application programming interfaces, it is easy to remotely support geographically distributed IVR clusters. Designed with high call volumes in mind, the system handles thousands of concurrent calls, and is fully scalable according to demand.

Various telephony application programming interfaces such as VoiceXML, Parlay X and OneAPI are readily supported as applications on the application servers, offering flexibility according to customer expertise base without changing the underlying core architecture.