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Media Processing

Feature-Rich Media Processing Power for Cloud-Based Services

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (PowerMedia XMS) enables service providers to quickly and cost-effectively create high-value voice and video services for the cloud. Here are just a few reasons why this field-proven and highly scalable software is currently in use throughout the world as part of powerful and flexible cloud-based service delivery platforms:

  • PowerMedia XMS includes H.264 support, continuous presence video conferencing, HD Voice with both G.722 and AMR Wideband (G.722.2), mobile video (3G-324M), media server virtualization (especially important in cloud service development), and dramatically increased scale.
  • PowerMedia XMS can enable basic SIP or hybrid connectivity, audio and video play/record, multimedia streaming, transcoding, fax, automated interactive audio and video solutions (IVR and IVVR), and high-end live interactions, such as cloud-based contact centers and audio and video conferencing or video portals.
  • PowerMedia XMS brings decades of experience in media and connectivity applications to a pure software media engine, allowing developers to transition to software-based IP-enabled services
  • PowerMedia XMS contains patent-pending software from Dialogic® Media Labs that enhances video quality through improved bit-rate control.
  • PowerMedia XMS runs on general-purpose servers without the need for specialized hardware. Along with virtualization support, this reduces total cost of ownership and provides greater efficiency and deployment flexibility for cloud services.
  • Programming interfaces include MSML, HTTP-based RESTful web services interface for controlling media processing and SIP signaling operations and partner-provided VoiceXML .NET support and graphical tools.

Building Cloud-Based Services in a Service Provider Environment

An IP media server based on PowerMedia XMS can be deployed in a typical service provider environment to deliver conferencing, messaging, IVR, announcements, voice mail, speech, contact center applications, and a wide variety of other cloud-based services. PowerMedia XMS also enables video versions of many of these applications.

Learn More about the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server 

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring specialized hardware.  More details are available on the product index page.

Note: Developers familiar with Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards and the Dialogic® Diva® SDK or CAPI are using Dialogic® Diva® softIP for SIP Software to enable web services. Diva softIP for SIP acts as a “virtual” media board, providing telephony functionality in an IP software-only solution. More details about Diva softIP for SIP are available on its product page.

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