Navigating the Challenges and Implications of All-IP Convergence

IDC Report docsConvergence of data and voice to all-IP networks is gaining traction. This is due to the rapid growth of data-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that consume bandwidth for applications like mobile video, gaming and social networking. The popularity of these devices and applications has placed existing mobile networks under tremendous pressure to meet demand. Telcos across the region have experienced surges in mobile network usage and congestion, and  are realizing the strain  network performance has  on their mobile subscribers. Telcos have been forced to invest heavily in their backhaul infrastructure to increase capacity and optimize their networks. Some have looked into alternative mobile technologies like WLAN and have sped up the launch of 4G networks.  Questions about  the challenges of  declining voice revenues and capitalizing on new revenue streams were presented to Ryan Tay, Research Manager for IDC's Asia/Pacific Communications Team, on behalf of Dialogic's customers at  a recent meeting. 

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