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Media Server Software

Delivering Feature-Rich Media Processing Power for Value-Added Services

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software enables service providers to quickly and cost-effectively create high-value voice and video services. Here are just a few reasons why this feature-rich and highly scalable software is currently in use throughout the world as part of powerful and flexible service delivery platforms:

  • PowerMedia HMP can enable basic SIP or hybrid connectivity, audio and video play/record, multimedia streaming, transcoding, fax, automated interactive audio and video solutions (IVR and IVVR), and high-end live interactions, such as contact centers and audio and video conferencing or video portals.
  • PowerMedia HMP brings decades of experience in media and connectivity applications to a pure software media engine, allowing developers to transition many existing Dialogic hardware-based applications to software-based IP-enabled solutions or create completely new mobile interactivity and other multimedia applications.
  • PowerMedia HMP includes H.264 support, continuous presence video conferencing, HD Voice with both G.722 and AMR Wideband (G.722.2), mobile video (3G-324M), media server virtualization, and dramatically increased scale (5000 SIP connections or 1500 conference parties).
  • PowerMedia HMP contains patent-pending software from Dialogic® Media Labs that enhances video quality through improved bit-rate control.
  • PowerMedia HMP runs on general-purpose servers without the need for specialized hardware. Along with virtualization support, this reduces total cost of ownership and provides greater efficiency and deployment flexibility.
  • Adding Dialogic® HMP Interface Boards (DNI Boards) allows PSTN connectivity in a single box solution with gateway functionality. Programming interfaces include Dialogic® R4 and Global Call APIs, MSML, and partner-provided VoiceXML .NET support and graphical tools.

Value-Added Services in a Service Provider Environment

The illustration “PowerMedia HMP in a Service Provider Environment” shows how an IP media server based on PowerMedia HMP can be deployed in a typical service provider environment to deliver messaging, IVR, announcements, voice mail, speech, conferencing applications, and a wide variety of other value-added services. PowerMedia HMP also enables video versions of many of these applications.

In this example, an IP-PSTN gateway terminates PSTN connections, and a softswitch manages all aspects of call establishment and teardown over IP. Once the call is established, an RTP connection is created between the IP media server and an endpoint. The softswitch tells the media server, IP endpoints, and IP-PSTN gateway when to establish or drop connections.

 PowerMedia HMP in a Service Provider Environment

PowerMedia HMP in a Service Provider Environment [9323, 1]

A second illustration “PowerMedia HMP in a 3G-324M Video Telephony Server” shows a 3G-324M implementation. PowerMedia HMP supports media as well as SIP call control and can be implemented with the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Stack and Dialogic® DSI SIGTRAN Stack. PowerMedia HMP runs on a video telephony server, providing the play, record, playback, and synchronization used to display video on 3G wireless, IP soft clients, and IP video phones. 

PowerMedia HMP in a 3G-324M Video Telephony Server

PowerMedia HMP in a 3G-324M Video Telephony Server [9323, 2]

Learn More about the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring specialized hardware.  PowerMedia HMP is available for both Linux and Windows environments.

More details are available on the product index page.

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