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Wholesale IP Peering

The wholesale telecommunications market is extremely competitive.  Wholesale service providers must deliver high value, low cost solutions quickly and securely to their demanding customer base of wireline, wireless, and internet service providers. To deliver competitive value at the right price point, wholesale providers must chose products that supply high reliability and high voice quality, as well as impeccable security and additional services such as monitoring.

The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Media Gateway can be a key product for smaller wholesalers since calls today originate on many different networks, requiring a wholesaler to handle SS7 and many flavors of SIP simultaneously. The illustration on this page shows the BorderNet 2020 IMG in a wholesale IP peering environment. For larger installations of 50,000 ports or more, the Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ System and Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 Media Gateways are a more suitable choice because of their higher capacity. Although both choices will provide multi-protocol processing, the ControlSwitch System and I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways supply optimization features that are especially useful in larger environments.

The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 3000 Session Border Controller can deliver other features critical to a wholesaler’s success, including security and session management with very low CAPEX and OPEX, SLA assurance, sophisticated accounting features, and the robust reliability that wholesale customers require. The BorderNet 3000 SBC also has optimization capabilities that can reduce bandwidth usage by up to 70% without sacrificing voice quality and integrated local and remote session tracing that allows advanced troubleshooting on one or more platforms simultaneously without any special equipment or network configuration. The 3000 SBC is also show in the illustration on this page. 

Wholesale IP Peering Environment

Wholesale IP Peering Environment

Learn More about the Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway

The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway (IMG) enables interworking between IP and PSTN networks via high-density optical, telephony, and Ethernet connections in a compact 1U form factor. The BorderNet 2020 IMG’s enhanced Voice over IP (VoIP) density offers the potential for significant reductions in capital and operating expenses when compared to earlier generations of gateways.

For more details, go to the product page.

Learn More about the Dialogic® BorderNet™ 3000 Session Border Controller

The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 3000 Session Border Controller (SBC) is a compact, highly reliable security and session management platform for mobile and fixed VoIP networks. The flexible and standards-based BorderNet 3000 SBC supports both access and interconnect applications in a unique, fully redundant single Rack Unit (1RU) chassis.

For more details, go to the product page.

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