Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards for Asterisk

The Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards are in worldwide use as part of Asterisk®-based PBX systems. In an Asterisk based solution the Diva Media Boards offload most media processing tasks from the Asterisk server to the Diva hardware, resulting in more reliable and scalable implementations. The Diva boards are supported via the Chan_capi channel driver.

The Chan_capi channel driver (formerly also called chan_dialogicdiva) allows Diva Media Boards (Analog, T1/E1 and ISDN BRI/PRI) to work transparently under Asterisk as a PSTN interface. The Chan_capi driver gives Asterisk developers easy access to advanced media and signaling functions, which are not available with media boards from other vendors.

  • Enhanced media functions -- Hardware-based fax, large conferences, echo cancelation (up to 256ms), FoIP (T.38), DTMF clamping, pitch control, volume control via DTMF, noise suppression, automatic gain control and others. See a live demo of a running Diva based system at: PBX-DemoSystem
  • Call control enhancements -- QSIG extensions supporting all major PBX, ISDN supplemental services (such as explicit call transfer), and call hold and retrieve. Conventional SS7 (ISUP for ANSI and ITU) and SIGTRAN signaling are also supported.

White Papers, Archived Webinars, Technology Briefs, and Application Notes

Product information:

Diva V-PRI-T1 BoardDialogic® Diva® Media Boards

The Diva Media Boards are exceptionally powerful PC-based telephony boards that provide rich media processing capabilities for both analog and digital solutions. They are available in PCI and PCIe versions. They scale from 2 to 240 channels per board and come in form factors of Low Profile (half length and half height), Half Length and Full Size depending on the channel density. The Diva Media Boards have been available worldwide for decades and have been successfully connected to almost any switch or line.

Download the package

Download all the software needed to use Diva Media Boards with Asterisk

All of the software and drivers needed to use a Diva Media Board with Asterisk can be downloaded as a single package from the Dialogic website. The Chan_capi driver (formerly also called chan_dialogicdiva) is compatible with all Diva Media Boards. It is included in the Diva System Release Software and can be installed and configured in the same way as the other board drivers. Please check out the "DEMO", which shows a system with the standard Diva SR 9.5LIN software. On top of this system you can install your PBX software (e.g. Asterisk®)

Help in understanding and implementing the advanced features of Diva Media Boards is available on the Dialogic website. README files that accompany the Chan_capi channel driver contain the basic information needed to install and operate a Diva Media Board with Asterisk. White papers, archived webinars, technology briefs, and application notes provide more detailed information about using Diva Media Boads with Asterisk.

Additional Resources

Information on the chan_capi channel driver is available on various websites, mailing lists, and forums. Please note that there is no need to understand CAPI in order to use the Chan_capi driver. Standard Dialplan applications work with the Chan_capi driver.

Many samples have been provided with the online documentation in order to make the use of conferencing, fax and other features easy and straightforward. See a DEMO of an installed Diva SR 9.5LIN software.

For a live demo of a running PBX based on Diva go to: PBX-DemoSystem. On the Web GUI, please click on "VoIP PBX configuration" to see the PBX settings and click on "CHAN_CAPI configuration" to see the parameters that can be set to configure the channel driver.

Several forums are available to help with installing and configuring Diva Media Boards under Asterisk: