Open Source and Dialogic® Media Gateways

Dialogic® Media Gateways (DMG Gateways) allow an IP telephony server, such as Asterisk, to operate in native IP mode while providing PSTN and/or TDM PBX connectivity. Because the connectivity is totally transparent, no load is added to the IP telephony server's operation.

Since the DMG Gateways manage all the complexities of the PSTN connection, systems can be confidently installed anywhere in the world, whether they are interfacing with analog, T1, or E1 networks. No IP telephony server software changes are necessary. The external appliance gateway handles the PSTN connection, while the server continues to operate in its native IP mode.

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Dialogic® Media Gateways To Support Asterisk Business Edition

Dialogic is a member of the Digium Asterisk Interoperability Partner program. The Dialogic® 1000 Media Gateway Series and the Dialogic® 2000 Media Gateway Series are currently undergoing testing for interoperability and SIP compliance with the Asterisk Business Edition. The combination of PBX integration technology delivered by DMG Gateways, and the telephony application toolkit functinality of the Asterisk Business Edition can enable open-source developers to create new and differentiated SIP-based solutions that will deploy into virtually any enterprise or SMB voice infrastructure.

Digium Asterisk Interoperability Partner