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Motorola Total Enterprise Access & Mobility VoWLAN Deployment in the Enterprise

Dialogic 2000 Media Gateway Series Enables Motorola Total Enterprise Access & Mobility VoWLAN Deployment in the Enterprise

Motorola Solutions logo "The Motorola Total Enterprise Access & Mobility VoWLAN solution is designed as a non-intrusive overlay of both the latest IP-PBX technology, and legacy PBX infrastructure. Motorola chose Dialogic® Media Gateways to enable interoperability in legacy PBX environments because of their market leading capabilities."

- Ed Staehlin, Senior Director of Product Management CEC, Motorola

What Is Motorola Total Enterprise Access & Mobility VoWLAN?

Motorola introduced Motorola Total Enterprise Access & Mobility (TEAM) VoWLAN on its website at Here is a short excerpt:

The TEAM VoWLAN solution turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering comprehensive mobile access over the WLAN throughout the enterprise to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction. It provides on-the-move workers inside the enterprise with the tools needed to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

The TEAM VoWLAN solution delivers cost-effective mobile access over the WLAN to PBX-based telephony, PTT, text messaging, email/PIM, Internet/Intranet and line of business applications - all through a single device.

This standards-based solution easily integrates as a non-intrusive overlay to existing IP or TDM PBX and WLAN infrastructure, providing a unified platform with enterprise-class performance, unmatched scalability and common management and security for both voice and data services.

Enabling the Solution with the Dialogic® 2000 Media Gateway Series (DMG2000)

As a SIP-based application, TEAM VoWLAN can utilize the advanced SIP-to-PBX protocol gateway functionality of the DMG2000 Gateways to interface with non-SIP PBX infrastructure. Although recent IP-PBX systems are delivered with a native SIP interface that makes direct integration with TEAM VoWLAN possible, many existing PBX systems deployed worldwide lack a native SIP interface and can use a DMG2000 Gateway for easy and economical integration.

The DMG2000 Gateways provide the functionality that allows enterprises to adopt the TEAM VoWLAN mobility solution without making a significant investment in upgrading their PBX infrastructure. Certified by Motorola and Dialogic for use with TEAM VoWLAN, DMG2000 Gateways can enable interoperability with a broad selection of PBX systems, resulting in deployment flexibility and opportunity.

The figure below* based on a deployment diagram created by Motorola, which has been altered to show the placement of a DMG2000 Gateway.

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Dialogic® Pro™ Standard Per Unit Plan for Dialogic® Media Gateway Series

Dialogic Media Gateways are deployed where critical enterprise telephony connects to messaging and other IT systems. As they perform such a critical function in the enterprise's IT infrastructure it is essential that they are highly available. The Dialogic Pro Standard Per Unit Plan for Dialogic Media Gateway Series harnesses the power of Dialogic to help you ensure the highest possible levels of availability and performance from your Dialogic Media Gateway.

Key Features:
Expert Technical Support from Dialogic Telephone and email support direct from Dialogic's Americas or EMEA or APAC support centres. Next business day response time commitment to technical questions by phone or email.
Advance Replacement Insurance Next business day replacement shipped direct from Dialogic by courier.
Extended Warranty Warranty on hardware extended up to 5 years. Active current contract on registered gateway required.
Software Maintenance Access to latest and other selected software versions.

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