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Unified Conferencing

Create Unified Conferencing Applications with Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Software

One of the most productive aspects of unified communications is the ability to bring together teams quickly and easily to share information and make decisions. Unified conferencing applications make it easy for workgroups, teams, sales and support people to share audio, video and desktops with anyone that has a broadband connection - over wired or wireless networks, public or private.

Enabling unified conferencing solutions is advanced media processing software and media servers that can be deployed flexibly and efficiently on a variety of computing platforms, on dedicated physical machines or virtualized, in the cloud or in the datacenter. Controlled by standard IP-based protocols and providing both core, high density audio conferencing mixing, plus advanced video and HD voice conferencing, media processing software and servers can be used by conferencing solution providers to enhance existing conferencing solutions and services and generate new unified conferencing solutions and services. 

Watch the Video! Dialogic held a press conference and demonstration of mobile video conferencing and collaboration using smartphones, tablets and workstations over a 4G/LTE mobile network.

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VCS demo 

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server Software (PowerMedia XMS) is a powerful software media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for mobile and broadband environments. PowerMedia XMS can help reduce development and operational costs by offering standards-based media control interfaces and management capabilities for cloud or traditional deployment environments.

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing (HMP) Software performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring the use of specialized hardware. PowerMedia HMP provides media services for building flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation media servers for multimedia communication solutions and services.  PowerMedia HMP supports Dialogic® R4 and GlobalCall interfaces helping easy migration for existing Dialogic® DM3 based applications. 


Free Video Conferencing Demo Application!

The Dialogic® Video Conferencing Demo provides several examples of how video conferencing can be deployed. You can download this demo free-of-charge and use it for 45 days to demonstrate video conferencing solutions that support the latest endpoints, including smartphones and tablets.

Demo Highlights

  • Successfully tested for interoperability with smartphone and tablet-based iPhone, iPad, and Android video clients — Supports the latest mobility endpoints for video conferencing solutions
  • Provides an open-source SIP Registrar and can interoperate with a Dialogic® BorderNet™ 500 Gateway acting as an enterprise session border element and Registrar — Enables easy SIP-based calling from SIP-compliant terminals on the internet
  • Successfully tested for connectivity with Flash-based browser plug-ins using a third-party Flash2SIP gateway — Greatly improves access and ease-of-use for PC-based video conferencing using a standard browser without special client software
  • Supports advanced “ad-hoc” and “controlled” video conferencing with either standard- or high-definition video resolution — Improves the user experience and enables the development of innovative video conferencing solutions
  • Can support an RTSP client function — Allows the streaming of internet content into a video conference using external streaming servers

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