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Dialogic® Diva® System Release - Linux

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Before you start
Are Diva Media boards supported in virtualized environments?
Provisioning Information (ISDN PRI)
Provisioning a Robbed Bit connection
Provisioning an Analog Line in North America

How to install Diva System Release for Linux?
Common installation problems and solutions
Diva boards - Find the Serial Number and Part Number

Routing specific numbers to TTY ports
Diva on trixbox howto
Using Asterisk with Diva Media boards
Configuring Diva Media boards for Linux
Configuring TTY ports
Hardware configuration checklist

Licensing considerations when using Diva softIP in virtualized environments.

Caller ID on COM ports
Asterisk / chan_capi - DTMF detection issue
MSN Overview
Testing your Diva Media board installation on Linux
Using Hylafax with Diva Media boards
What do the LEDs mean on Diva Media Board?

Module not supported by Novell message
How to generate a basic trace
How to check if a Diva CHAN_CAPI installation has been successful

How to generate a report file

SDK: Fax CED and CNG tones
SDK & CAPI: Using Analog 4P card
Using FaxHeadLine
TIFF formats
Using the Generic Tone Detector
Reading Channel Status for Analog Ports
Dialogic® Diva® API functions available with Dialogic® PowerMedia HMP
'SimplePhone' sample with 'APSoundDevice' Audio Provider